Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT




Product Description:

The Roller as an instrument creates ‘channels’ or ‘indentations’ on the skin and is designed to allow better and deeper penetration when using topical vitamin A products from Environ. It’s specifically designed for the face in order to give extra absorption on the areas needed most such as the eyes, mouth, and nose.

How to use:
You will need to have been using Vitamin A creams and be comfortable at the level of at least your second bottle of AVST 2 before you start rolling.
Clean and prepare your skin by pre-cleansing, cleansing and toning before you start, divide your skin into sections and using light pressure roll over the areas for approx. 3 mins each rolling in both horizontal and vertical movements almost like a hashtag sign. Rolling twice a week, to begin with and gradually increasing this until you are comfortable and able to roll nightly.
Finish by applying your prescribed environ products. Rinse your roller after each use and allow to air dry, wash thoroughly once a week with the Environ Cleansing Solution to increase the life of your roller.


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